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Seebinger Hemp Available in Nob Hill


Laru Ni Hati is the newest retail location in Nob Hill (Albuquerque, NM). Please drop by at 3413 Central Ave NE, Albuquerque, NM 87106 and thank them for carrying quality products from local companies like ours. You can’t miss their

Federal “Farm Bill”, when passed by Congress, should take Hemp off of the controlled substance list


New Mexico HEMP Harvest 2019!

Dear Friends, Many people are coming together to learn about Hemp in New Mexico in 2019.  Seebinger Hemp will provide updates regularly. We believe Hemp will greatly improve our Planet and the lives of everyone. Best of Health, Lew Seebinger

NEW MEXICO CANNABIS PATIENTS DONATE TO UNM MEDICAL CANNABIS RESEARCH FUND. Thank you everyone for supporting this excellent research. “Lew Seebinger is a true friend to the medical cannabis patient community and a legitimate partner with medical cannabis researchers at the University of New Mexico. He implemented this whole fundraising project from concept through obtaining sponsorship and operationalizing the raffle nearly entirely on his own, with the noted assistance and significant donations of several other well-doers, including Seebinger (Company name), Ultrahealth, and others. Lew’s support and advocacy for the Medical Cannabis Research Fund is an amazing demonstration of how special people can and do serve beyond themselves, sometimes purely with the goal of helping their fellow man. Rest assured, every single cent that is donated to the MCRF is used to support the direct costs of research necessary to improve both the safety and effectiveness of medical cannabis as a pharmaceutical agent for human consumption. Thanks to Mr. Seebinger and the other supporters of this fundraising drive, we will be able to expand our current study of the effectiveness of medical cannabis for treating New Mexican Veterans with PTSD by an additional 20 participants, allowing us to better assess the potential of medicinal cannabis to heal those who have given so much for our country and our freedom.” jacob Jacob M. Vigil, PhD Department of Psychology University of New Mexico Phone: 505-277-0374

The Hemp Connoisseur names Lew Seebinger as someone you want to know

Lew Seebinger, founder of Seebinger Hemp, is dedicated to being unique, spreading a positive message about the plant, and healing his customers. Before becoming part of the hemp industry, he was working for a prominent position at a healthcare company

Funds and awareness raised for the UNM MEDICAL Cannabis Research Fund

All of our #UH members deserve a round of applause! You all came together and raised over $2,000 to help fund #medical #cannabis #research. The University of New Mexico’s Medical Cannabis Research Fund (MCRF) will now expand its #veteran enrollment

Gout pain relief using Seebinger Hemp Creams

Excruciating pain is my description for gout. Personally, I have discovered that applying Seebinger Hemp Hatch Red Chile Cream instantly helps reduce pain. Other gout sufferers also attest: “Thank you for bringing this product to market. I use your Hemp

Hemp Extract Oil

SEEBINGER HEMP blends Colorado grown Hemp extract oil into all of our natural, plant based topical skin care products.  Hemp Extract Oil is a non psychoactive Cannabinoid compound, which may provide therapeutic benefits for many people.  Please visit for

Hemp may help save our Planet!

I believe that with proper agricultural practices; planting, growing, and harvesting US grown Hemp as rapidly as possible may help save our Planet. We have vast acreage throughout the United States that is prime for growing various types of Hemp,