The Hemp Connoisseur names Lew Seebinger as someone you want to know

Lew Seebinger, founder of Seebinger Hemp, is dedicated to being unique, spreading a positive message about the plant, and healing his customers. Before becoming part of the hemp industry, he was working for a prominent position at a healthcare company in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Deciding to return to his entrepreneurial roots, Seebinger followed his curiosity to the cannabis industry. After considering a medical cannabis delivery service, he settled on hemp instead, founding Seebinger Hemp. The company now offers a variety of high-quality hemp-based topical products containing full-spectrum hemp extracts. Several of the company’s products have a New Mexico twist, such as the Hatch red-chile infused body cream and their signature red-chile balm and hemp oils. Seebinger Hemp’s mission is to promote employment for farmers of America’s heritage crop, cannabis sativa, and Seebinger says he’d like to help build knowledge of the many virtues of cannabis through education.

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